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Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber


The Ultrasonic Facial Scrubber is a facial tool that bring the spa right to your own home. The tool has multi functional uses for everyday, as well as special treatments such as anti-aging and skin tightening. Our Sonic Facial Scrubber helps to exfoliate your skin while giving you the deepest clean. In addition, this tool helps to penetrate products deep into the skin while promoting blood circulation to help with anti-aging and wrinkles. 

How to Use: 

Ultrasonic Mode

Use this setting for daily cleaning, position spatula tip against the skin (see user manual for correct use). Wet your face with just water, or water and your facial cleanser. Make sure to add water as needed while using ultrasonic setting, your face must ALWAYS be wet to prevent friction burns from the ultrasonic vibrations. Please see the user manual for spatula placement and direction for proper use. For daily cleaning, this setting should be used for a maximum of 2-3 minutes. 

Ion+ Mode

For Best results when using your ultra sonic facial scrubber, it is recommended that you steam your face prior to treatment to help open pores. Wet face with warm water and continue to add water throughout this treatment to keep humidity and prevent ultrasonic burns. With the spatula laying flush with your skin (see user manual for correct use) , use this setting for your deep clean and exfoliation. It works by exporting dirt, oil and bacteria that clogs up your pores helping to minimize blackheads. This setting should be used for a  maximum 2-3 minutes.

Ion- Mode

Position spatula flush with skin (see user manual for correct use). Dry your face after cleaning and apply your facial essence, cream or serum. This setting is for nutrition absorption, the ultrasonic vibrations uses negative ions to help penetrate your product deeper into the skin allowing better absorption of your product. 

EMS Mode: This setting can be used with your facial essence, creams and  serums.  By forming an EMS micro current loop this helps to accelerate metabolism, renews skin cells, firms fine lines and wrinkles. If you are looking to help restore elasticity, smooth out your skin and regain firmness, then the EMS setting will benefit you.