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Gold Facial Roller

Reduces the appearance of wrinkles around eyes, lips, forehead and neck, instantly reshapes the face contour, to reveal a more youthful look. In addition, the 24K gold facial roller can beautify the skin, all you need is 2 - 3 minutes per day, then you will be able to easily obtain the firm and radiant skin you always dreamt of.


  • 24K Gold plated T-bat: Anti-bacterial material secures a safe contact with your skin.The T-Shaped head adds mild vibration to push and patting face skin and therapeutic point.Relaxes facial muscles.
  • 360° Waterproof design: You can enjoy it while showering due to the special 360° waterproof design. Moreover, the 360º “T” shape allows you to use the product on any part of your body from the angle that you prefer. What’s more, you can use the electric massager whenever and wherever because of its portable design and the included delicate storage bag.
  • New technique: “T” shape head is designed for 6000 vibrations per/min and is good at tightening skin.Vibration Massage therapy is an extremely hit beauty technology. Activates skin to keep moist and elastic through vibration.
  • Relaxation technique: Daily use of the beauty bar will make your face and skin look healthier and younger by reducing wrinkles and removing dark circles. Moreover, it will increase skin metabolism through stimulating your blood circulation,resulting in an instant face lift. Also, it can combine with skin care products and promote better absorption.
  • Promotes blood circulation: Rejuvenates skin, eliminates eye pouch, and restores skin firmness.

How to use

  • The face and neck: roll all over the face and neck in an upward and downward motion. 
  • Eyes: start from under the eye and follow the structure. Beside the eye, focus on crows feet moving in an up-and-down motion. 
  • Forehead: roll in an upward and downward motion. Move across the forehead using the same movements. 
  • Smile line: roll in an upward and downward motion. Move across the forehead using the same movements. 
  • Neck: start from he base of the neck and move upward towards the jaw line. Repeat the same motion all over the neck. 
  • Eliminate puffiness: roll in an upward and downward motion all over the face. Use it three times a day for three minutes each to see not only anti-aging benefits but also health benefits.